Type 9

”If I agree, I’m left in peace”


Nines are sociable and friendly people. They are good at including others and creating a calm and comfort-table atmosphere e.g. in a group at work or friends. They often accept others without major reservations and go with the flow, naturally following other people’s wishes and are often fine with joining someone else's decisions or opinions. They are good at tuning into other peoples’ perspectives, and they can experience it as if their views are not as important as other people’s views, and therefore they do not need to express their own opinions so clearly. However, there is some autonomy or resistance at their core, so although it may seem as if they agree, they may well be opposed to it.


Nines like if they can create and maintain peace and harmony around them so they can maintain a simple and effortless day, and go through life without too many problems to deal with. They appear to be diplomatic people who don’t want to take a critical approach to things. Instead they prefer to have an optimistic approach to life.


At their Essence, Nines want life to be a flow of love and peace, and to find their inner stability to cope with whatever comes up in life.