Type 8

“What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”


Eights are people with natural authority and often take the lead and make decisions. They want influence the world by asserting themselves and being in control. They are powerful and enterprising people who are dynamic and appear strong. They like clear boundaries and a direct way of dealing with things. They radiate independence and self-confidence.


Eights are straight forward and not afraid to get their views across. Often they are unaware of the effect that it has when their power and direct way are expressed. They like others to give them feedback and say their opinion, but others may be too afraid to confront Eights with their true opinions.


Eights can take a lot of physical or energetic space and appear tough, but like every human being they also have a soft side to them, that they will only show if they have faith in others and feel safe enough to let go of their guards. When they let down their defences and surrender, they may be able open up for their more emotional and vulnerable aspects.


At their Essence, Eights want to surrender to a bigger truth and to be able to show their weakness.