Type 6

“How wrong can it go?”


Sixes are trustworthy people who want to keep things realistic and sensible. They want to be well prepared and maintain their trust in others and the world. While others might see them as skeptical, they themselves find that they are just being realistic. Since they can worry if they can rely on themselves and trust others, it is a natural thing to ask many questions and investigate things from all perspectives. It is always good to be prepared – even for the worst that can happen.


Sixes appear to be friendly, faithful and warm people who are very devoted to what they believe in and to the people or groups they are related to. This applies both in private life (family and friends) and at work (company and co-workers). 


They are dedicated and compliant people and want everyone in a group to be equal. Authorities are accepted only if they really show their worth or are appointed as such for good reasons. Only then can it give them a feeling of having a solid and secure foundation to lean on.


At their Essence, Sixes want to find a solid and secure foundation inside them and find guidance in life.