Type 5

“Don’t think you know… KNOW”


Fives are good observers who like to stand on the sidelines and see what is going on, while they try to understand the coherence of things. They are intellectual people who like to think and reflect on what they see and experience. They may seem like serious, introvert or private people with somewhat resistant towards participating in social events. They may feel overwhelmed by others' wishes and demands and they may experience discomfort if others get too close to their private sphere. Therefore they more often appear to be withdrawn and tuned into their own mental world. But they do like when there is a genuine interest or shared curiosity on an area of special interest or professional area to discuss.


Fives are good at looking objectively at things and relating to theories. This ability may falsely give the impression that they have no contact with their emotions, however, they just find it less important and more difficult to express their emotions and prefer to keep this private.


At their Essence, Fives want to connect to omniscience, and to find a place in this world.