Type 4

“I wished I could…. too…”


Fours have a special ability to tune into the world of feeling and are highly sensitive to what is going on in themselves and in others. And as emotions are very unique to each of us, Fours also have the experience of everyone being individualists or special, including themselves.


Fours may appear as quiet, withdrawn or maybe shy people who do not always feel they fit into the world. But they can also be more expressive or dramatic and express what they're feeling – verbally or creatively.


Most 4s are drawn to intense experiences and deep relationships. They know how they compare with others, and sometimes use a lot of energy on what they think others have and that they themselves seem to lack. This may cause a feeling of sadness or being not good enough or even feel lost.


Fours have a deep desire to be genuine, honest and authentic. They know that life consists of both pleasure and pain and they are fine with these aspects being part of life. They are good listeners with people's ups and downs.


At their Essence, Fours want find their true identity and feel equanimity.