Type 3

“Not guts, no glory”


Threes are energetic people who get things done, and who likes to constantly be engaged in activity. They are keen to succeed with the projects they initiate. They are efficient at work and likes when others are too.


Set a goal, put up an expectation and the Three will go for it. Threes are adaptable people who do it takes to meet expectation and appear excellent. They like to be recognized for their skills, performance and find it attractive to be seen in a good light and shine. Work or other activities and projects have a high priority and therefore Threes are often seen as hard-working and tend to forget to take time out to relax.


Threes seem selfconfident and often have the attitude that you can do what you want. Their belief in their own abilities and desire to be appreciated for their performance, gives them a competitive attitude and a drive to be the best in whatever they do.


At their Essence, Threes want to be seen as valuable for their human being instead of their human doing.