Type 2

"Do unto others what you want them to do unto you"


Twos put much effort into identifying what others need and make sure that others are feeling good. 


Twos appear as caring and empathetic people who are aware of other people's wants and needs. They put their own needs aside to be there for others. Relationships are important and therefore Twos use energy to create and maintain contact with other people. They like to be in the company of others and are friendly and welcoming. What Twos give out to others, they have a deep hope that others give in return. They like to see others thrive and when they are needed it gives them a feeling of being appreciated and recognized. It gives them a sense of pride in being loving people who diligently participate in the lives of others. If others do not recognize them for their help or do not return their need for attention, they can find it hard to hide their bitterness and grief and can be both insulted and angry.


Time alone is often unfamiliar and feels selfish, but can also provide a great sense of freedom once they have allowed it for themselves.


At their Essence, Twos want personal freedom and to feel loved by others.