Type 1

“Duty before pleasure”


Ones work hard and dedicated to improve things in detail. Work must be done thoroughly and properly and duty comes before pleasure.


As Ones have great self-criticism, they can also well be inclined to point out things that do not fall within their criteria for trustworthiness. Their judgment is according to their own internal standards and assessments. If things are not in line with their view, it can lead to some irritation or resentment that they try to suppress, and instead keep up good appearance and behaviour.


Ones want to know the rules and like to have order and structure of things. They are principled and conscientious people who want to be good and balanced. They are idealistic people with high morale and a wish to set a good example.


At their Essence, Ones want everything within the selected areas to be complete, and they want to be in balance and to be good human beings.